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Shipping Container Delivery, without a Forklift

Shipping Container Delivery, without a Forklift

Shipping containers are very popular for storage, modular conversions, job site offices, and even (if you're in Colorado) portable pot farms.  If you're in the market for one of these 20' or 40' units, one of the first questions that you'll be asked is, "do you have any way to unload the container once we get it to you?" If the answer is yes, you can usually negotiate a great deal.  Reason being that wholesalers typically don't have the capacity or connections to arrange a one off delivery to a random location, especially with a buyer who will want it set on

40' Standard - 40' High Cube - 40' Super High Cube - What's Really The Difference?

40' super high cube shipping container

40' Shipping containers are one of the most popular shipping containers around the world.  Almost every shipping line, port, depot, and trucking company is geared to move them on boats, trucks, trailers, and container handling equipment.  Over the years, companies have become more effecient and wanted to grow their container size so that they could transport more goods.  Since all the equipment is designed to carry containers that are 40' long and 8' wide, the only variable that they could modify is the height - and this idea gave birth to a new dimension in 40

Chicago Storage and Shipping Containers

used shipping container - front

Chicago has loads of container traffic in, around, and through the city; and if you want to buy  used cargo container you can find some cheap deals, provided you know the best places to look for them!.  There are a few steps to buying a container that you'll need to think through before you get too far into the process.  Following these steps will make things a lot easier for you in the long run: 1) What do you plan on doing with the container?

Calling Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati – Find Cheap Shipping Containers in Ohio!

Ohio shipping container

Ohio has a lot of trade and commerce.  Supporting the rubber and chemical industries alone means that a lot of shipping containers move in and out of Ohio on a monthly basis.  Great, what does this mean to anyone in Ohio, Western Pennsylvania (think Pittsburgh and Erie), or West Virginia (Wheeling, Morgantown, and Clarksburg)?  It means that if you’re looking for a used shipping container to use as a storage unit, modular housing component, farm or mine storage, a Cleveland Browns Dog Box, or just to keep your toys in, you can find a cheap unit either for sale, or on a container auction.

Shipping Container Capacity/Weights

Shipping containers, no matter where you find them in the world, are designed and built to standard sizes. This makes packing them with goods, loading them on ships, and transporting them around the world incredible efficient. More specifically, container manufacturers adhere to ISO (International Standards Organization) regulations with respect to size, materials, and production processes. That being said, there are some variations that you’ll find in the market place.

Shipping and Storage Container Auctions in Memphis, Tennessee

New 20' shipping container hosts online auctions for shipping and storage containers, and next week they have great offers starting on 20’ containers located in Memphis, Tennessee.These containers are in great condition and can be used for shipping and transportation, storage, or a container home or other modification project.They are all built to the following specifications:

Searching for a Cheap Shipping Container?

container auction

Like many things, you may not realized how universal cargo containers are until you start looking for one.  Cargo containers, sometimes called ISO containers, shipping containers, or sea boxes,  do a great job of blending into their surroundings.  They are often made in subtle colors like ivory or almond, allowing them to be camouflaged in both urban and rural environments.  You probably drive or walk nearby containers every day.  Shipping containers can be used for portable storage units, mobile offices, or even converted into modular housing units.  While the