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Refurbished Shipping Containers

recycled shipping containers

With the growing inventory of available used shipping containers, the rising price of steel, and challenging economy, more and more people are starting to refurbish shipping containers for other purposes.  It’s called many things, refurbishing, recycling, up-cycling, even repurposing… the end result is the same thing, a used shipping container being cleaned up and used for a new purpose.

Help! My Shipping/Storage Container Smells like Garbage!

shipping container filled with garbage

Does your shipping or storage container stink?  Garbage, animal hides, or other stinky things are sometimes hauled in a shipping container just before they're sold off as a storage unit, and if you're the lucky recipient of one of these containers you may be pretty upset - however, you shouldn't be.  Removing the offending odor from a shipping container is easier than you may have previously thought and the crew over at is here to tell you how, in three easy steps:

How to bury a shipping container, the safest way

Gabion basakets for burying a shipping container

Sometimes, a project simply demands that you do something the hard way (not the cheap way) and using a tool or piece of equipment in a way that God didn't intend it to be used... as is the case with burying a shipping container.  The sides weren't designed to take the constant weight and pressure, and the top surely can't support disbursed weight for extended periods of time.  That being said, if you simply must bury the container the safest way to do it is to used Gabion cages as external supports to carry the pressure of the compacted ground.

Shipping Container Construction Gains Significant Ground with Mixed Use Builders Across Globe

Denver container housing

DETROIT, MI -- A forward-thinking real estate development company, Three Squared, Inc. has made exceptional progress with its cargo container residential and commercial construction initiatives due to escalating marketplace acceptance and demand driven by superior cost efficiencies, heightened profitability, and minimized build time. The company, whose pioneering shipping container building solution offers systemized and sustainable construction resulting in affordable luxury, announced an array of significant company projects and other milestones, as follows.

Bolt On Storage Container Lock Boxes

shipping container lockbox

If you’ve purchased, or plan to purchase, a shipping container to use as a storage unit you’re going to want to make sure the container is as secure as possible.  On most standard containers there are only doors on one end of the unit and, assuming there are no modifications to the box, the area that’s most vulnerable to anyone trying to break are the doors.  In an ideal world, a simple lock would provide ample protection and let people know that they shouldn’t try to open the doors without permission.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and a lock that’s exposed and visible may pres

Cleaning Your Shipping or Storage Container

Used shipping containers that are being converted into storage units, housing projects, or even hydroponic farm boxes will typically need some attention before they are habitable for their new purpose in life.

Giving your shipping container a small amount of maintenance and upkeep can extend the life of the container and insure that everything you put inside is clean, secure, and free from any unwanted interference.

Boxpark: Shipping Containers to Urban Shopping Mall


Boxpark, a shopping mall made from used shipping containers, is one of the world's first "popup shopping malls".

Located directly at the Shoreditch High Street Tube station in London, the mall is constructed on a temporary site from 61 recycled shipping containers. The lower floor consists of 41 containers, and the remaining 20 shipping containers are on the upper floor. Almost all of the stores on the first floor open directly onto the sidewalk, with the exception of the retail unit (Nike) closest to the Tube station, which still has street high visibility. The second floor provides a great amount of seating for the multiple restaurants and coffee shops.

Container Housing - An Affordable, Eco-Friendly Solution

Container housing kit

Container homes, or homes made from used shipping or cargo containers, are becoming a viable solution for low cost housing. Not only is this type of housing affordable and quick to build, it also carries enviromental benefits as well. In countries that are net importers, the United States and Africa for example, there is an abundant supply of containers being sold out of container depots and terminals and websites like; modifying them into housing only makes practical sense.

5 Misconceptions About Shipping Container Conversions

shipping container modification

There are lots of misconceptions about shipping container conversion projects. Naturally, people are reluctant to go blindly into a new project for converting a container into a home, storage unit, or work site office. As more and more containers are released into the retail consumer market, supplies are becoming more and more creative with the design, use, and applications of converted cargo containers.

There are many common questions that people ask before as they begin to research converting a container. Five of the most common are below: