Shipping Container Delivery, without a Forklift

Shipping Container Delivery, without a Forklift

Shipping containers are very popular for storage, modular conversions, job site offices, and even (if you're in Colorado) portable pot farms.  If you're in the market for one of these 20' or 40' units, one of the first questions that you'll be asked is, "do you have any way to unload the container once we get it to you?" If the answer is yes, you can usually negotiate a great deal.  Reason being that wholesalers typically don't have the capacity or connections to arrange a one off delivery to a random location, especially with a buyer who will want it set on a specific location and need a special type of truck to unload it with.  However, don't lose hope just yet.  Lots of transport professionals and local truckers around the country provide delivery on a tilt bed truck (typically made by companies like Kerr-bilt or Landoll).  These drivers charge a little more per mile, but will with them you won't need to rent a forklift or crane to unload the container.

There are three common tips for deliverying a container with a tilt bed trailer:

  1. Space:  You'll need around 100 ft of straight space for a tiltbed to deliver a 40' trailer, and 60' for a truck to deliver a 20' trailer.
  2. Site Prep Work:  Make sure the site is cleared out, any foundation is in place, and it's clear to the driver where you want the container to go.
  3. Good Weather:  Make sure the ground dry, and there are no high winds.  High winds can make it harder to move a container, and wet ground can cause the container or truck to slide, and if the container is sitting right on the ground it may not dry out properly and could expedite floor rot.

To get an idea of how a tilt bed container delivery works, watch this video:



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