Shipping Containers in Denver, Colorado

shipping container in Denver, CO

Colorado is a hot market for storage containers, and that makes it hard to find a cheap shipping container in Denver.  Denver is a regional hub for intermodal transportation and containers loaded on trucks and trains pass through the city in volume, however many of them don’t stick around and the ones that do are in high demand.

The most common containers at depots in Denver and the Front Range are 20’ and 40’ containers.  You can find a variety of new and used containers, and when you do find one that fits your purpose it’s well advised to purchase it quickly, as it may not be available by the end of the day. 

As with anything, when you begin shopping for used shipping containers in Denver the first thing to do is find a few prices and compare them.  How you define "cheap" may be very different than someone else's definition. Finding online pricing may be hard, as many container traders and retail locations don't always provide online pricing; constant inventory changes makes this difficult.  If you don't have any luck finding a local business that sells used shipping containers, the next stop is to visit an ecommerce website that sell shipping containers. The first obvious choice is eBay. There are a usually a few shipping containers listed on eBay, but the inventory tends to be limited and centered in only a few specific areas. The next choice is is a leading website that specializes in both new and used shipping containers.  Many companies, including some of which may be local to you, have accounts on container trading platform and either list their used containers on the sale, or you can contact them directly through the site to inquire about their inventory.

To help you get the best price on new or used shipping containers, you'll want to have a few questions already answered and ready to share with the company selling the container.

  • How long do you need the shipping container to be (10ft, 20ft, 40ft)?
  • What will you be using the shipping container for?  Examples include storage, housing conversion, and shipping.
  • Do you know what condition you need the container to be in?  Typical conditions are "cargo worthy", "wind/water tight", "one trip", and "as-is, where is".
  • Will you need the container to be delivered to your location?
  • If you need the container delivered, do you have a crane or forklift on site, or will the truck need to drop the container to the ground?

To help get you started in your search, offers direct searches to help you find used shipping containers in Colorado.  During the month of October they’re offering a great discount on new, 20’ and 40’ shipping containers located in Colorado.  To learn more, visit the site and check out the available inventory.  As mentioned above, containers in Colorado sell quickly.