Searching for a Cheap Shipping Container?

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Like many things, you may not realized how universal cargo containers are until you start looking for one.  Cargo containers, sometimes called ISO containers, shipping containers, or sea boxes,  do a great job of blending into their surroundings.  They are often made in subtle colors like ivory or almond, allowing them to be camouflaged in both urban and rural environments.  You probably drive or walk nearby containers every day.  Shipping containers can be used for portable storage units, mobile offices, or even converted into modular housing units.  While the

53' Shipping and Storage Containers

53' shipping container
53' shipping container

53’ shipping containers are the largest standardized shipping container in use today, and if you can find them they make excellent storage units for farms and ranches, or commercial facilities.

Quick history:  Originally, APL integrated them into international service in an effort to save on logistics and trans-loading costs.  After a few years the project was dropped because it didn’t meet the prescribed goals.  Currently, 53’ shipping containers are only used for US domestic shipping on trucks and trains.

Comparing Portable Storage Containers to Self Storage

There are lots of companies getting into the busines of storing other peoples things - ranging from the countless self storage "u store it" kind of places, to Mobile Mini and similar storage container businesses. Depending on your needs, there's something for everyone. There seem to be three key factors involved when shopping for the best storage solution for you.

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Shipping Container for Portable Storage

Shipping containers, no matter if they’re new or used, are a really great way to quickly add on-site storage space, and we're about to give you the top ten reasons that you should be using containers for your storage needs!

1. Quick Installation: There's little, in many cases no, building involved, and in many parts of the United State you don't even need a building permit because it's not a permanent structure (legal disclaimer:  check with your local government first).

A Few Things To Know About Shipping Containers

Though shipping containers are utilized for various purposes, it's utility as a cargo shipping containers tops the list. Most people may not have much knowledge about freight containers as it quite often handled by consultants. However, it is always useful to know more about containers if you are indeed looking for one. Indisputably, you can avail them easily as per your need. They are widely used for ocean transport, but also used for building houses, as storage containers, as hunting shelters, for military training support, and as guard sheds.

Shipping Container Home Kits

Most people have seen these stacked up high as a sky rise by airports or heavy industrial areas usually left empty after visiting and traveling around the globe carrying anything from materials to any other household goods.

For a large part, they are used for shipping and receiving goods throughout the entire planet ranging from China to South America to the United States. Very durable and sturdy they must be.

40' Standard - 40' High Cube - 40' Super High Cube - What's Really The Difference?

40' super high cube shipping container

40' Shipping containers are one of the most popular shipping containers around the world.  Almost every shipping line, port, depot, and trucking company is geared to move them on boats, trucks, trailers, and container handling equipment.  Over the years, companies have become more effecient and wanted to grow their container size so that they could transport more goods.  Since all the equipment is designed to carry containers that are 40' long and 8' wide, the only variable that they could modify is the height - and this idea gave birth to a new dimension in 40

Help! My Shipping/Storage Container Smells like Garbage!

shipping container filled with garbage

Does your shipping or storage container stink?  Garbage, animal hides, or other stinky things are sometimes hauled in a shipping container just before they're sold off as a storage unit, and if you're the lucky recipient of one of these containers you may be pretty upset - however, you shouldn't be.  Removing the offending odor from a shipping container is easier than you may have previously thought and the crew over at is here to tell you how, in three easy steps: