What's The Difference Between A Cargo Container And A Portable Storage Container?

Cargo container vs. storage container

Are you confused about the difference between a portable storage container and a shipping or cargo container? There's no need to be embarrassed, many people are. Unless you're working with containers on a daily basis, or have done extensive research it can be confusing at first. The primary source of confusion is the similarity of the names, both shipping container and portable storage container sound like they're the one in the same, and in a general sense, they are very similar. However, the primary difference between the two is in the utility of the container. Once you understand this it's easy to see how different containers can be better suited for different tasks.

40' Standard - 40' High Cube - 40' Super High Cube - What's Really The Difference?

40' super high cube shipping container

40' Shipping containers are one of the most popular shipping containers around the world.  Almost every shipping line, port, depot, and trucking company is geared to move them on boats, trucks, trailers, and container handling equipment.  Over the years, companies have become more effecient and wanted to grow their container size so that they could transport more goods.  Since all the equipment is designed to carry containers that are 40' long and 8' wide, the only variable that they could modify is the height - and this idea gave birth to a new dimension in 40

Countless Uses of Cargo Containers and Conversion Kits

Shipping containers are very versatile and can be used for countless projects. These steel boxes are durable, weather resistant, mold and pest resistant, intact they are theft resistant, and they come in several lengths to accommodate different cargo which lends itself quite nicely when recycling these steel building blocks.

Tips for Choosing Suitable Container Shipping Services

Whenever international shipping services are used to transport goods from one place to another, one also has to look out for costs effective services available in the market. Current market scenario has established a new set of companies that are offering shipping services as per the requirement of the clients. Huge number of companies is offering solutions without compromising with the safety and the security of goods.

Shipping Container Capacity/Weights

Shipping containers, no matter where you find them in the world, are designed and built to standard sizes. This makes packing them with goods, loading them on ships, and transporting them around the world incredible efficient. More specifically, container manufacturers adhere to ISO (International Standards Organization) regulations with respect to size, materials, and production processes. That being said, there are some variations that you’ll find in the market place.

Insulated Shipping Containers - What To Know Before Buying Them

Sometimes ordinary containers just ain’t good enough. When transporting items such as frozen food or certain chemicals, you may need to store them in insulated shipping containers instead. I’m sure you’d hate to have to throw your products in the trash because you didn’t keep them in the correct container, so it’s best to get it right the first time!

What to Consider When Buying a Mobile Storage Unit

storageg units

Countless professions around the world can, and do, benefit from mobile offices. Primarily, these mobile offices are mostly visible in the construction sites or in sales offices. However, they are increasingly being used in administrative blocks, and similar places. Mobile office and storage is widely used nowadays. What many people don’t realize is that these units are actually portable storage containers which can easily be repositioned from one place to another.