Bolt On Storage Container Lock Boxes

shipping container lockbox

If you’ve purchased, or plan to purchase, a shipping container to use as a storage unit you’re going to want to make sure the container is as secure as possible.  On most standard containers there are only doors on one end of the unit and, assuming there are no modifications to the box, the area that’s most vulnerable to anyone trying to break are the doors.  In an ideal world, a simple lock would provide ample protection and let people know that they shouldn’t try to open the doors without permission.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and a lock that’s exposed and visible may pres

Shipping containers, Preppers, and Survivalists -

Have you ever run scenarios on what would happen if (global financial crisis, EMP flash, coronal mass ejection, pandemic outbreak)?  If so, you're not alone.  A lot of people have thought of this, and a lot of people are prepared with bug out locations, evacuation plans, supplies and munitions stashes, etc.  One component that many people have used for storage and transport are used shipping containers.

Top 5 Reasons To Build A Shipping Container Home

Shipping container homes are the latest trend in eco-friendly building. Since cargo containers are plentiful and cheap, there is no lack of good construction material to build your unique dream home. But is a shipping container home the right choice for you? Here is a list of five compelling reasons why you should consider a house made from shipping containers:

Find cheap, used shipping containers for sale

Used shipping containers for sale

Shipping containers seem to be ubiquitous, even more so when you're in need of one. During the course of a normal day you may pass by them in the street, drive by a shipping container riding on a chassis as it cruises down the highway, or even notice that construction site that you've passed five days a week for the last six months is loaded with converted shipping containers - on converted shipping container office, and several modified shipping containers being used as portable storage containers.

Installing a Frame Door on a Shipping Container

Ever wonder how to install a steel man door in a used shipping container?  Check out this article:When you convert a shipping container into a storage unit, workshop, home, and other structure that you need to move in and out of on a regular basis; it may be more convenient to install a man door in your shipping container than to use the factory steel doors on either end of the unit.

Cargo Containers and Modular Housing

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It's taken a long time, but cargo containers and modular housing seem to be joining forces.  Modular housing, prefabricated housing, or "kit homes" as they're sometimes called, have been around a lot longer than you'd think. Surprisingly, the first documented modular house was built in Australia in 1853. The trend gradually caught on and found it's way to England, then finally to the US to support the gold rush in 1908.

Storm Shelters and Survival Bunkers

We take several questions a month from people interested in converting them into storm shelters and survival bunkers.  Overall, shipping containers make a very good building block for these types of projects for many reasons.  Shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, the interior can be modified to meet almost any type of project, and they're affordable and readily available almost anywhere you need them.

Shipping Container House Positives and Negatives

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Thinking about building a house out of shipping containers? There is a lot of talk about this trend these days and the fans of this building method are increasing in number. A big part of the reason for the growing interest is that there are a lot of container houses now that look incredible. This building style could still be considered somewhat 'cutting edge' (though it's been around for decades), and there are many factors to consider. I have compiled a list of shipping container pros and cons as food for thought for anybody learning about this building style.

Five Factors That Impact Shipping Container Prices

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When you shop for a shipping container you may find a variety of prices available. It is easy to buy the first cheap storage container you find. You must, however, understand what goes into shipping containers prices in order to determine if that great deal is really as good as it seems. There are many aspects that affect the cost of shipping containers: size availability, location, condition, how long you need the unit, and added features or modifications.