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Container Housing - An Affordable, Eco-Friendly Solution

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Container homes, or homes made from used shipping or cargo containers, are becoming a viable solution for low cost housing. Not only is this type of housing affordable and quick to build, it also carries enviromental benefits as well. In countries that are net importers, the United States and Africa for example, there is an abundant supply of containers being sold out of container depots and terminals and websites like; modifying them into housing only makes practical sense.

5 Misconceptions About Shipping Container Conversions

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There are lots of misconceptions about shipping container conversion projects. Naturally, people are reluctant to go blindly into a new project for converting a container into a home, storage unit, or work site office. As more and more containers are released into the retail consumer market, supplies are becoming more and more creative with the design, use, and applications of converted cargo containers.

There are many common questions that people ask before as they begin to research converting a container. Five of the most common are below:

Shipping Container Home Plans, Kits, and Designs

Shipping container hotel conversion

Shipping containers are generally active in the world of intermodal transportation and logistics. Cargo containers allow for our daily goods to be imported and exported to different areas of the world with a great deal of effeciency, providing both financial and energy savings. If not for these containers you probably would not have gotten many of the products that you've come to rely on in your daily life. However, due to environmental developments and eco/green housing initiatives, many of these used shipping containers are getting a second lease on life.

Shipping Container House Positives and Negatives

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Thinking about building a house out of shipping containers? There is a lot of talk about this trend these days and the fans of this building method are increasing in number. A big part of the reason for the growing interest is that there are a lot of container houses now that look incredible. This building style could still be considered somewhat 'cutting edge' (though it's been around for decades), and there are many factors to consider. I have compiled a list of shipping container pros and cons as food for thought for anybody learning about this building style.