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Shipping Container Home Kits

Most people have seen these stacked up high as a sky rise by airports or heavy industrial areas usually left empty after visiting and traveling around the globe carrying anything from materials to any other household goods.

For a large part, they are used for shipping and receiving goods throughout the entire planet ranging from China to South America to the United States. Very durable and sturdy they must be.

Storage Container Foundations: Part 1, Wood Beam

Railroad ties for shipping container foundation

Once you've decided to purchase a shipping container and convert it into a storage unit, it's important to decide where it's going to be placed. A solid foundation for your container isn't an absolute requirement for your container, along with making keeping it stable and square, it can greatly reduce your storage units exposure to moisture and the corrosion that follows. Depending on your budget and the length of time that you expect the container to remain in it's place there are several options available to you.

Shipping Container Modifications: Types of Doors

It's very common for a person buying a used shipping container to request to have a door installed. The first question volleyed back is, "What type of door do you need?" Invariable, the response is always "What are my choices?" The most common types of doors installed on shipping or storage containers are roll up doors, and standard "man doors". Depending on what you intend to move in and out of the container, you'll need to decide which is the better option for you.

20 Foot Shipping Container Homes

Many years ago the 20 foot shipping container was invented for shipment of goods. The first shipping company to use the shipping container was Matson. The height and length of this steel container van is ideal for shipment purposes. However, as years pass by, no longer do shipping companies use the same van. Hence, they are discarded as used shipping container.