Top 10 Reasons to Use a Shipping Container for Portable Storage

Shipping containers, no matter if they’re new or used, are a really great way to quickly add on-site storage space, and we're about to give you the top ten reasons that you should be using containers for your storage needs!

1. Quick Installation: There's little, in many cases no, building involved, and in many parts of the United State you don't even need a building permit because it's not a permanent structure (legal disclaimer:  check with your local government first).

2. Solid Construction:  There’s no denying that shipping containers are strong, and we’d even argue that they’re stronger than a traditional built wood frame structure.  Containers welded together in a factory, and are heavy; a 20' container weighs in at approximately 5,000 lbs.

3. Shipping Containers are Cheap!  In many places in the United States you can find a used container that’s wind/water tight for $1600 or less.

4. Simple Style:  A cargo container is a blank slate for ideas, or completely acceptable as it stands.  You can do anything with a cargo container - paint it purple, add doors windows or vents, or just drop it on the ground and use it right away.  The possibilities are limitless (well, only limited to your budget).

5. Widely Available:  If you’re near any major port, or within 100 miles of any major city you can easily find a container, you just need to know who to ask.

6. Containers are Portable:  If you move, your container can move with you.  Just winch it onto a truck and you’re off and running.

7. Secure:  On shipping containers there is only one way in or out (unless it’s a double door), and the doors are located on the end of the container.  To get inside of you'll need a torch – Don’t lose your keys!  New shipping containers are equipped with a lock box built in, on a used container you may need to buy a bolt on lock box.

8. No Vermin, Mice, or Penguins:  If you’ve got a wind/water tight container you don’t need to worry about mice, rats, armadillos, or bears – provided that you keep the door locked, there’s no way for these critters to get inside.

9. Environmental Protection:  In a wind/water tight container you don’t have to worry about intense sun, rain, wind, hail, or almost all other types of weather. The things that you stick inside are protected.

10. Recycle:  Using a shipping container means that you’re not cutting down trees, and you’re getting a steel box out of a congested area.  Reduce, reuse, recycle!

That's it!  If you need help finding a shipping container, storage unit, or cargo container check out  Some of the largest shipping lines and container companies in the world sell their containers through this eBay like platform.