Shipping Container, Bunkhouse, Cargo Container

Modified shipping container

Used shipping container modifications have become a very popular, cost effective, and environmentally friendly way to construct new housing, livable and usable structures, or storage units.  All that it takes is someone with a creative mind take an every day issue and apply a modified shipping container to it.

Shipping Containers

The shipping containers are carried by a truck, boat or airplane and are used to transport goods from one place to another. As shipping containers travel in a variety of ways, they can be used for land shipping and air shipping as well as marine shipping. The goods can be transported overseas also with the help of shipping containers. There are multitudes of sizes and types available in shipping containers and the type or size you choose while transporting goods depends on the type of goods you are transporting. Thus, shipping containers have become popular in freight industry because of the facility it provides while shipping the products. There are 20 feet containers as well as 40 feet containers available and you need to choose depending on the quantity of goods you are transporting. Before buying a shipping container, you also need to check that the shipping container should be space efficient. Shipping containers are not only used for shipping cargo, but they are also used for storage purposes by making some adjustments. A used shipping container can be used as a storage space, office or even a house. A 10 foot long container is about 80 square feet, so it can be very well used as a storage space or even a ticket booth. Now this sounds interesting isn't it? Below given are the possible uses of a shipping container:-

Kitchen Bunkhouse

An aesthetic look kitchen bunkhouse can be designed using a used shipping container. There are different kitchen bunkhouses available in the market like furnished kitchen bunkhouse, luxurious kitchen bunkhouse, kitchen bunkhouse with sink etc. There are also kitchen with office bunkhouses, computer workstation bunkhouses which are an excellent idea for people wanting to open their own restaurant but don't have enough funds for investment. These bunkhouses are available with total electricity wiring and plug in to insert external.

Office Containers

The office containers are furnished with cabinets, tables, chairs etc. and are perfect choice for construction sites, domestic rental Government agencies etc. These office containers include portable cabins, portable office containers, office portacabin, furnished security office cabin etc.

Lodging Containers

Lodging containers are the pre fabricated units which are furnished with beds, tables, chairs etc. There are also windows and good ventilation system in the containers so that the sunlight and air can enter the unit. These lodging containers are waterproof with proper electricity and water supply.

Sanitary Containers

The sanitary containers are fully furnished containers which offer toilet services. These sanitary containers are used in public areas like parks, trade fairs, seminars, exhibitions, events etc.

PUF Insulated Portacabins

The PUF insulated portacabins are prefabricated PUF/polystyrene insulated cabins and portacabins that are extensively required for sheltering telephonic equipments. These fabricated structures help in reducing the transportation costs as the equipments can be stored in these PUF insulated portacabins near the working sites.

There are many uses of these shipping containers and bunkhouses which are made of sturdy and finest quality rugged steel that is procured after rigorous testing of chemical and physical attributes.